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MARINE 750watt 280mm immersion heater
MARINE 1000watt 280mm immersion heater
MARINE 1250watt 280mm immersion heater
MARINE 1500watt 280mm immersion heater
MARINE 2000watt 280mm immersion heater
MARINE 2500watt 280mm immersion heater
MARINE 3000watt 280mm immersion heater
MARINE 1000watt 690mm Long immersion heater
MARINE 2000watt 280mm Titanium immersion heater

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Immersion Heaters

Surejust low wattage SOLAR and MARINE immersion heaters have been designed over many years specifically for use in the harshest of environments.

  • Each immersion has a high quality heavy duty 20amp working thermostat.
  • An independent secondary safety stat that is set at a much higher temperature so the engine doesn’t trip the stat unnecessarily. This would happen with a standard domestic immersion.
  • Are made of incoloy for a longer service life and suitable for hard water conditions.
  • Available in various sizes from 500watt – 3000watt
  • 110-volt immersions available
  • 3 phase available in various sizes.
  • The thread size is 2 ¼” BSP
  • 1 1/4” BSP is available
  • Comes with an o-ring seal for easy installation
Please buy the immersion for its specific application as we change the second safety stat on solar immersion heaters to comply with regulations.

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